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Nutrition Facts PharmD Pharmacy School Graduation Flex Cups - JJ's Party House
Nutrition Facts PharmD Pharmacy School Graduation Flex Cups - JJ's Party House
Nutrition Facts PharmD Pharmacy School Graduation Flex Cups - JJ's Party House
Nutrition Facts PharmD Pharmacy School Graduation Flex Cups - JJ's Party House

Celebrate Your PharmD with a Personalized Touch: Nutrition Fact Graduation Cups!

Poppin' bottles just got a whole lot nerdier! Celebrate your PharmD graduation in style with these hilarious and personalized Nutrition Fact Pharmacy School Graduation plastic frosted flex cups. Each cup features a custom label designed to look like a nutrition facts panel, but instead of calories and fat, you'll find witty stats about your journey through pharmacy school.

Here's why these cups are the perfect graduation party accessory:

    • Hilariously Personalized: Each cup is custom-made with your name and graduation year.
    • Unique and Memorable: Ditch the boring old party cups and give your guests something they'll actually want to keep. These cups are sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished memento of your big day.
    • Durable and Fun: Made from high-quality, frosted plastic, these cups are shatterproof and reusable. They're perfect for toasting to your success and celebrating all night long.
    • Versatile Fun: Use them for drinks, snacks, or even party favors. These cups are the perfect way to add a touch of personality to any graduation celebration.

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With these personalized Nutrition Fact cups, your PharmD graduation party is sure to be one for the books (or should we say, the pharmacopoeia?). So raise a glass (or a flex cup) to your success and celebrate your achievement in style!

Order your custom cups today and get ready to make some memories!



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Custom Frosted CUPS

JJ's Party House offers two sizes of custom frosted cups. Our entire frosted cup selection is made in the USA. When ordering custom frosted cups, remember that the liquid amount you pour in the cup will be less than the ounce size of the cup. Order a size up to allow room for foam, ice and garnishes. You can custom design our personalized foam cups for both hot and cold beverages. Our frost flex plastic cups set the to for your guests. They will love this special edition to your wedding, beach bash, winter and summer vacation trip, pool party, tailgate or an other party you have.

Frost Flex 12oz (11.1 oz flush fill volume) — mixed & signature drinks

Frost Flex 16oz (15.1 oz flush fill volume) — beer and mixed drinks (for bigger drinkers) soda & water

The available print areas:

12oz – 2.85”W x 2.5”H

16oz – 3.30”W x 2.85”H 

We can custom print on one or both sides of the frosted cup.

Our custom frosted cups are printed with text, graphics or both. We use a one color process. We are not able to do multicolor or full color at this time. You can upload your artwork on this page if you have it available. The best file types are .ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd, or .png. Vector files allow for the best resolution. If you have an image that was designed in Canva, please download the highest resolution possible so the image does not deteriorate or pixelate upon upload. Images with poor resolution will have an effect on the overall print quality on the finished product. 

Our custom frosted cups are great for weddings, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, retirement parties, corporate events, bachelorette parties, grand opening parties, restaurants, bars, house warming, and branding anything you want to promote. You can upload your logo or we can create a cup design that you will love.

Party By Design has you covered with three metallic inks and a large assortment of inks. If there is a color that is not on our list, please reach out to us and ask us if we can match. We will do our best to accommodate color requests. We currently do not have the ability to Pantone color match at this time. 

Our custom printed and personalized foam cups are designed with the most up to date fonts available. These are just some of the many fonts that we use. We have block fonts and script fonts, elegant fonts and casual fonts, masculine fonts and feminine fonts to help create the perfect design for your party and celebration. 


We recommend 2 per person per hour. This could increase a (or decrease) a bit, depending on your guests. Order more if you have a big drinking crowd.